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To support the recruitment and retention of Indigenous staff and meet key objectives of the Indigenous Education and Employment Policy. In 2011 UTS launched the Wingara Indigenous employment and recruitment strategy 2011-2014.

The new strategy will build on from the success of previous strategies to increase Indigenous staff numbers through new and exciting programs, which will continue and expand on general employment programs  and facilitate new grow our own employment platforms across the university.

The Wingara Indigenous employment  strategy 2011-2014 will see the introduction of  5 new programs which will work to increase the Indigenous employment levels across all areas of the university;

A new Indigenous employment mandate scheme
from 2012 onwards faculties and divisions at UTS will identify a proposed or existing position that could be filled by an Indigenous candidate. Each year this program will see all faculties and divisions take reasonable and authentic steps to employ an Indigenous member of staff.

A new Indigenous traineeship program which will provide an entry point into UTS and provide a career pathway for trainees to grow in skills and move through the University.

A new Indigenous cadetship program which will provide a bridge for our undergraduates to gain employment within the University. This program will provide Indigenous students with the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art facilities while participating in paid work experiences.

A new Indigenous graduate employment program which will provide employment opportunities under the Indigenous employment mandate scheme listed above, so that Indigenous graduates may gain employment with UTS in areas relevant to their course of study.

A new Indigenous post graduate assistance scheme will be a flexible fund that can be used to provide opportunities for Indigenous postgraduate candidates to participate in:

1.    Internship/postgraduate scholarships which will provide opportunities for Indigenous postgraduates to gain a first step to an academic career.

2.    Seminar and conference participation which will provide postgraduate candidates opportunities to participate in seminars and conferences to strengthen their research skills and build the profile of UTS in areas in which Indigenous postgraduates are researching.

3.    Career preparation activities which will provide opportunities to build postgraduate candidates skills in teaching, educational development, research, scholarship, the advancement of knowledge and its applications, contributing to the community and leadership within the University and personal standing.

The Wingara Indigenous employment strategy also has a commitment to the retention and career progression of its Indigenous employees. This strategy will work to enhance the current model of staff progression and retention at UTS promoting opportunities for further training to expand skills, increase job satisfaction and career planning for Indigenous employees .

UTS is committed to creating a working environment that is culturally inclusive and affirming for Indigenous people and encourages all elements of the UTS community to participate by taking a proactive approach to Indigenous employment.