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  • Alexander Duncan

    Alexander Duncan

    Student, Business (Accounting)
    Elizabeth Hastings Award for Student Community Contribution

    "The mutual respect the volunteers and homeless have for each other is amazing."

  • Anjana Regmi

    Anjana Regmi

    Graduate, Master in Business (Human Resources Management)
    Relationship Officer, Executive Development Unit, Faculty of Business
    UTS Creative Media Social Justice Award 2007

    "As a citizen, as a human being, we all have that capacity to stand against anything that is going on around us which is not good."

  • Professor Anne Ross-Smith

    Professor Anne Ross-Smith

    Former Associate Professor, Faculty of Business (School of Management)
    Director of Graduate Studies, Macquarie University
    Jo Wilton Memorial Award for Women 2007

    “The awards are something that marks UTS as the place where people get a fair go, where human rights are highly extremely, valued and where people who involve themselves in work that supports the human rights of others, get recognised for it.”

  • Dr Catherine Robinson

    Dr Catherine Robinson

    Senior Lecturer, Cultural Studies Group, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    Vice-Chancellor’s Social Justice/Human Rights Award for Staff 2004

    “Obviously human rights include safety and security, but I don’t think homeless people experience either in their lives.”

  • Christel Cornilsen

    Christel Cornilsen

    Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Writing and Cultural Studies)
    Jo Wilton Memorial Award for Women 2008

    “I’m always trying to venture to some new part of the world, executing projects and meeting people.”

  • Eleni Bailey

    Eleni Bailey

    Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Social Inquiry)/Bachelor of Law
    Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Parramatta Family Relationship Centre
    Elizabeth Hastings Memorial Award for Student Community Contribution 2005

    “Human rights are important because they place value on people regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, ability or location.”

  • Father Peter Maher

    Father Peter Maher

    Graduate, Masters of Education (Adult), former UTS Catholic Chaplain
    Parish Priest St Joseph’s Newtown Catholic Church
    UTS Ally Award Celebrating and Supporting Sexual and Gender Diversity 2008

    “It is an encouragement for those nominated and for the UTS community in general who hear about these stories of hope in the UTS community.”

  • Nico Schulenkorf

    Nico Schulenkorf

    Graduate, Masters of Management (Sport Management) and PhD (Leisure, Sport and Tourism)
    Sport and Event Management Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand
    UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Social Justice/Human Rights Award For Staff 2008

    “You could see the kids had fun with each other. There wasn’t this division as such compared to what the parents experienced.”

  • Ryan Sengara

    Ryan Sengara

    Graduate, Master of Arts (Honours) in Social, Community and Organisational Studies
    Research and Grants Coordinator, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
    UTS Reconciliation Award 2006

    “There are people being left behind and disadvantaged by the continual rise to prominence of technology.”

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