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Congratulations to the 2012 award recipients

Elizabeth Hastings Memorial Award for Student Community Contribution

To recognise a significant contribution to the community in the areas of equity, diversity, social justice or human rights

Award recipients 2012 (shared)

Nicholas Harrington, Faculty of Law/International Studies
For his outstanding and sustained work with the Manjeri School Project, Uganda

Najeeba Wazefadost, Faculty of Health
For her outstanding commitment to empowering refugees particularly Hazara women in Australia

High Commendation:

Minh Quang Nguyen, Faculty of Business
For his commitment to teaching English to orphans and other children at the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Hanoi through English4Kidz and thereby increasing their educational and life opportunities


Engineers without Borders Connectivity Program - UTS Chapter
For their commitment to assisting vulnerable people to develop basic computer skills and help them become technologically connected

Kate Horowitz, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For her in-depth writing and reporting on escalating Aboriginal suicides in Port Augusta

Alexandra Jane Moore, Faculty of Law
For her commitment to a range of NGOs and community organisations both in Australia and internationally

Vice-Chancellor's Social Justice/Human Rights Award for Staff

To recognise an outstanding contribution to the advancement of social justice/human rights at the local, national or international levels

Award recipients 2012 (shared)

Bilquis Ghani, Alumni & Development Office
For her passion and sustained commitment to empowering refugees through the Refugee Art Project

Juliet Willetts, Institute for Sustainable Futures
For her sustained commitment to securing access to water, sanitation and hygiene as a priority on the Australian aid agenda

High Commendation:

Ben Ly, UTS Fitness Centre
For his commitment to personal fitness and wellbeing for people with disability


Anti-Slavery Australia with Clayton Utz, Faculty of Law
For making a difference to the lives of trafficked and enslaved people in Australia

Alison Lee: Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, sadly passed away September 2012
For her leadership, passion and commitment to the Partners in Hope research project which focuses on vulnerable families with young children 

UTS Award for an Exceptional Contribution to Social Justice

Award recipient 2012

Lawrence Vidoni, Equity & Diversity Unit
For his outstanding commitment to integrating disability awareness into mainstream thinking at UTS

UTS Social Inclusion Award 

To recognise individual staff members or work units who are actively contributing to increasing the involvement in education of disadvantaged individuals or communities

Award recipient 2012

Marie Flood, Student Services Unit
For her sustained commitment to Oneheart which supports educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities and schools in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

High commendation:

Nina Burridge, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For her sustained commitment to improving education and human rights for women in Australia and internationally


Michel de la Villefromoy, Faculty of Engineering & IT
For his work that provides disadvantaged schools in South Western Sydney with an opportunity to utilise highly advanced remote laboratory equipment to support the study of Science and Engineering

Zeenobiyah Hannif, Faculty of Business
For her commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya

UTS Reconciliation Award

To recognise a contribution or project which advances Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians either at UTS or in the wider community

Award recipient 2012

Christian R-M Tietz, Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building
For his sustained commitment to improving the standard of Indigenous Australian environmental health through his innovative designs of health hardware

High Commendation:

Alison Whittaker, Faculty of Law
For her commitment to the Indigenous Collective of the UTS Students' Association

Jo Wilton Memorial Award for Women 

To recognise an individual woman or group of women who are working towards improving outcomes for women locally, nationally and/or internationally

Award recipient 2012 

Sydney Friends of Bumi Sehat, FASS, FMU and SAU
For their sustained support of the Bumi Sehat clinic in Bali which provides a clean and safe birthing place for local women

High Commendation: 

Vedna Jivan, Faculty of Law
For her commitment to Changing Laws, Changing Lives: eliminating discrimination against women and the pursuit of gender equality in the Pacific and other regions


Michelle DiGiacomo, Faculty of Health
For her commitment to applying a human rights approach to widowhood that promotes the rights of this group to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health

UTS Ally Award Celebrating and Supporting Sexual and Gender Diversity 

To recognise a student or group of students, or a staff member or group of staff, for work done to improve human rights for people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersex and queer communities

Award recipient 2012 

Alan Maurice, Research & Innovation Office
For his significant contribution to the acceptance of the South Asian queer community through his co-founding of and ongoing commitment to NSW Trikone

High commendation: 

Jayde Ellis, Faculty of Health
For her commitment to Wear It Purple: a student-run organisation supporting sexuality and gender diverse school students, empowering them to be proud of who they are


Sebastian Andreassen, Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building
For being the driving force behind the creation of Dandy magazine which fills a gap in the LGBTI community publications field

Creative Media Social Justice Award 

To recognise the creator/s of an audio/visual and/or multi-media project in which human rights and social justice themes are explored

Award recipient 2012 

Alexandra Crosby, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For her work with EngageMedia to produce Papuan Voices (stories from the conflict zone of West Papua) and for training Papuans in video production 

High Commendations: 

Paul Farrell, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For his commitment to innovative journalism which contributes to issues of diversity, freedom and social justice

Andrew Jakubowicz, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For his inspiration behind the SBS series Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta and his role as script consultant

Gina McKeon, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For her radio program on St Vincent’s Church Redfern

Taha Mohamed, Faculty of Law
For his commitment to peace in Syria through the youth movement Silence is Betrayal 


Sue Joseph, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For her book Speaking Secrets which discloses complicated and immense personal narratives exploring voicelessness and the media

Gillian Leahy, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For her work with the Community Ecological Land Utilisation Trust, Zimbabwe and Terry Leahy on the film The Chikukwa Project which portrays a successful permaculture project of 7,000 Shona people now living without hunger and in harmony

Jerome (Dong Sik) Yeum, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
For his work on the DVD Happy Birthday which exposes an incidence of racial and youth discrimination towards Asian students