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Equity and Diversity Home

UTS managers and supervisors have equal opportunity accountabilities and responsibilities as a result of equity-related:

Equity-related complaints

UTS managers and supervisors have a range of responsibilities related to preventing and dealing with grievances:

Staff and students with disabilities

The workplace disability fund provides support for workplace modifications and specialised equipment to assist staff with disabilities.

Work training placement program provides on the job work experience for people with disabilities.

Each work area at UTS has a representative on the disability action plan committee.

Advice on assisting students with disabilities can be obtained from UTS: Special needs.

Staff recruitment process

Merit-based recruitment is an integral part of the UTS recruitment policy. Equal opportunity observers can assist during the recruitment process, at the request of managers or prospective employees.

Managers and supervisors can obtain assistance and support for the recruitment of staff from diverse backgrounds, including Indigenous staff, staff with disabilities, staff from language backgrounds other than English, and women in non-traditional fields.

Training and development

EO Online is a self-paced on-line training program that forms part of the UTS staff orientation:

  • All UTS staff are encouraged by the Vice-Chancellor to complete Module 1 as a way of becoming familiar with their workplace equity responsibilities.
  • Module 2 is specifically designed for managers and supervisors, and should be completed by all staff in supervisory roles.

A range of equity and diversity training and development programs are available to support inclusive work practices.

Annual equity report

Progress on UTS equity initiatives is reported annually through the: