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UTS encourages people with disabilities to apply for advertised positions, and aims to ensure their ongoing participation through equitable access to the full range of training and development opportunities.

Merit-based recruitment is an integral part of the UTS recruitment policy. Applicants can request an observer on their interview panel to advise on adjustments for the interview and the position.

Workplace adjustments

UTS is committed to fostering and supporting a diverse workforce and to integrating equal opportunity for people with disability into University policies, procedures, decisions and operations. Workplace adjustments will assist staff with a disability to continue to work productively.

These adjustments could include, acquiring assistive technology like screen reader software for a staff member with a visual impairment, providing a specialised ergonomic workstation for a staff member with a physical injury or illness related disability or setting a later start time for a staff member with a mental illness who takes medication that results in them not being their best in the early morning.

The workplace adjustments procedure will ensure that the needs of staff with disability will be catered for to ensure maximum productivity and well being for all UTS staff.

Work training placements

In collaboration with the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service (CRS Australia) and similar agencies, UTS provides opportunities for people with disabilities to undertake paid and unpaid work training placements. This helps to increase participants' competitiveness when applying for positions at UTS, or elsewhere, through skills development and professional experiences.