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Workplace adjustments

UTS is committed to fostering and supporting a diverse workforce and to integrating equal opportunity for people with disability into University policies, procedures, decisions and operations. Workplace adjustments will assist staff with a disability to continue to work productively.

These adjustments could include, acquiring assistive technology like screen reader software for a staff member with a visual impairment, providing a specialised ergonomic workstation for a staff member with a physical injury or illness related disability or setting a later start time for a staff member with a mental illness who takes medication that results in them not being their best in the early morning.

The workplace adjustments procedure will ensure that the needs of staff with disability will be catered for to ensure maximum productivity and well being for all UTS staff.

Workplace disability fund

The workplace disability fund provides financial support for workplace adjustments and specialised equipment to assist staff with disabilities.

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) questionnaire

All staff are requested to complete an equal employment opportunity (EEO) questionnaire.

The statistics collected assist UTS to implement fair and equitable personnel policies and strategies to meet the needs of staff.

The questionnaire can be completed immediately by logging into the Neo finance and HR system: (Username: your staff number, Password: your e-mail password)
and clicking "My EEO Data".

Information is handled confidentially and no data is used in a way which identifies individuals.

Only designated staff from the Human Resources Unit and Equity and Diversity Unit have access to this data.

E-mail list of staff with disabilities

The Equity & Diversity Unit maintains a confidential e-mail list of staff with disabilities which is used to keep them up-to-date on any relevant news. The list is compiled from voluntary responses to the equal employment opportunity (EEO) questionnaire.

Staff representation in decision-making

At UTS disability related policy formation and implementation is a consultative process.

Staff with disabilities are encouraged to provide feedback, or participate in disability related committees such as the:

Promotion and salary reviews

Observers participate in all academic promotion and salary supplementation rounds in accordance with UTS policy.

Injury management and return to work

In the case of staff who acquire a disability while employed at UTS, the University has in place policies and procedures around workplace injury management, return to work programs, and temporary transfer to part-time employment when required.

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