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UTS Grievance handling procedures cover all types of complaints and are based on confidentiality, impartiality, protection from victimisation and prompt resolution.

Principles for complaint resolution at UTS are:

  • Managers and supervisors have the responsibility to identify and attempt to prevent or redress problems in the university.
  • Where possible, grievances are resolved at the lowest appropriate level of management.
  • Complaints are responded to as quickly as possible in the circumstances.
  • Procedural fairness is observed for each party in all aspects of handling a complaint.
  • No grievance is pre-judged.
  • Confidentiality is respected.
  • Resolution of the grievance takes into account wherever possible the preferred process of resolution of the person who made the complaint. However, there may be instances where a complaint is of such a serious nature that formal action is required.
  • Staff and students have a responsibility not to pursue grievances with a mischievous or malicious intent.