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In Australia today it is increasingly acknowledged that carers' responsibilities directly impact on employment and educational opportunities. Within the context of higher education, it is clear that such responsibilities have a significant impact on the educational opportunities of students and the employment opportunities of staff.

UTS is committed to providing an accessible, supportive and flexible environment for all staff and students, including those with carers' responsibilities.

UTS recognises that:

  • The responsibilities of a carer impacts on all aspects of their life and are not confined to the "private" sphere. The ways in which such responsibilities impact on work and education mean that they are the concern of the University as a whole.
  • Carers' responsibilities affect both women and men.
  • Care relationships are diverse.
  • Students and staff should have access to the same educational and employment conditions regardless of their carers' responsibilities.
  • Leave and benefits should be reasonably provided to accommodate students and employees with respect to carers' responsibilities.

The UTS work, study and carer's responsibilities Vice-chancellor's directive details provisions for: